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Welcome To Hairston's & Co.

Looking for a new salon home? We are a diversty inclusive salon that strives to keep the vibe fun and non-pretentious. Our space was designed to give our guests a casual relaxed and restorative place to unwind.

If your idea of a great salon experience is having a relaxing shampoos, glass of wine, and sharing a few laughs while unwinding from a long week. Then, we'd love to meet you and give you an amazing fresh new look.  Below you will find information on how to receive booking, salon policies, and helpful tips about our salon.

Your First visit...


We are excited to see that you’re interested in our salon services. We understand that developing  a new hairstylist  relationship can be intimidating. To ensure that we are the right fit for each other, we require all of our new clients to fill our New Guest Application.  This consists of a few questions about you and what services you are looking for as well as  a review of our salon policies. You can find the link to the application here: upon receiving your applications, we will response with booking recommendations for you within 48 Hours.

After submitting your form, you will receive a response from our salon within 48 Hours with feedback and booking options. If you have any other questions, please feel free to out reach us.

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